Videography & Motion Graphics

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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is all about working creatively with animations that uses images, shapes and texts in dynamic ways to help bring concepts and stories to life. While it is ideal for showcasing stats and information, motion graphics is also useful for organizations looking to showcase their products and services with on-time live animated videos.


It helps companies to engage their target audiences with creative animations and video graphics. The great thing about motion graphics & animated videos is that it combines both visual and auditory stimuli to evoke strong emotions and helps create solid connection between brands and target audiences.


Digital 5s offers dedicated motion graphics services which includes creating everything from interactive infographics to special animated effect videos. Our motion design department is comprised of extraordinarily skilled and talented team having vast knowledge of motion design industry, works collaboratively on different projects to deliver high quality results.


Whether it's an animated logo, a series of videos or the modeling of a new brand character, our motion designers capture your audience's attention by placing them directly in the scene and bringing your ideas to life.


Our creative design team brings extensive thinking and concepts to life by finding the best graphical & visual look to help people understand what you are trying to tell them. Using the most advanced softwares and applications, we conceptualize and produce finest 2D and 3D graphic videos that makes stunning and extravaganza impact on the targeted audience.


Motion Graphics

Motion graphics provide endless opportunities, anything represented through a motion graphics is trusted. And it looks amazing too !

Social Media Video

Content is King on social media, and videos are a big part of content. Social media videos have their unique flavor, and we know the recipe of wonderful blends of flavors.

Short Films

A short film is often very tricky, we have a team of media scientists to make sure your short film is everything you wished for.


A well-crafted product deserves a well shot advertisement, an ad tells the story of journey of a product, and it have a huge impact on audience.

Ad Campaign Videos

Similar to social media videos, ad campaign video are short meaningful videos but a slightly different agenda that is marketing.

Corporate Events Video Support

Corporate events are wonderful occasions to meet with clients and indulge in other business and social activities, we help to preserve to memories through videography.